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Photo of Dick Kraus

photo taken in 2000

My name is Dick Kraus. Much of my life has been and is devoted to genealogy. All of this site is. But please be patient. I have so much to put here. It will be at least 2012 before even one part is substantually done, and it may be many years before all three parts near completion. I hope to add at least a little something nearly every week except when I am sick or traveling or entertaining visitors.

As more pages show up here, please feel free to explore anything that interests you. Whenever you can add any correction, corroboration, extension, or constructive criticism, please let me know. I especially want to eliminate errors. And I want to make the ancestry sections more and more complete and accurate. Your help might just be the next needed thing!

If you can provide any of the help just mentioned, please e-mail me at In this way you can make this your project too. Do not be bashful. Some other relative or friend has had a hand in providing or suggesting nearly everything that will be available on this site.

I do hope you enjoy your visit. Come back soon!

Each page in each section should indicate when it was last updated, so that you can easily see if, since you last visited, there have been any updates in a page which is of particular interest to you.


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