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My great-great grandmother Martha Terrill was born 26 December 1836 in Madison County, Kentucky to Nancy (Elder) and Edward S. Terrell. Martha's mother died in the spring of 1842. Her father was left with two young girls to raise. He must have tried several different arrangements and found it all very frustrating. He finally decided to farm them out to different relatives. Whether he intended this to be permanent or not, it turned out that way.

Martha was placed in her mother's brother's family. By 1850 her uncle and aunt had moved to Saline County, Missouri taking her with them. She is then listed in the Andrew J. Elder household as age 15, but mistakenly noted as being born in Missouri. The next year George Casebolt's first wife died leaving him with an infant daughter. Not long thereafter he hired Martha as housekeeper and nanny. And, on 31 October 1852 they married. Their eldest known child was born in March of 1854.

Throughout her adult life Martha kept busy bearing and raising at least nine children. See their marriage page.

About one year after her last child was born, Martha died on 17 September 1878 in Miami Township, Saline County, Missouri. She was buried south of Miami, in the Christian Church cemetery, now called the Robertson cemetery, where her husband is also buried. It is likely that as an adult she never saw her father.

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