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My great great grandfather, Ralph Martin Campbell was born 26 Nov 1826 probably in Harrison County, Kentucky, but just possibly in Decatur County, Indiana to Dorothy (Martin) and Matthew Campbell. In 1826 his parents moved the family from Harrison County, Kentucky to Decatur County Indiana; and in the fall of 1847 from there to Knox County, Missouri, near Edina. After the Civil War and prior to July 1866 Mart moved on to Saline County, Missouri. His farm was 6 miles from Miami. Later he moved to Nelson, Missouri, where he died in 1907 and is buried in the East Nelson Cemetery.

He was usually known either as "R.N." or as "Mart". He traveled to California in 1849 for the Gold Rush. He is supposed to have owned slaves, but none belong to him in either the 1850 or the 1860 US slave censuses. He was active in Democratic Party politics, held local offies, but was defeated in his 1878 run for State Representative.

Upon his return from California he joined the Confederate army, but was immediately captured and was held in the Alton, Illinois federal prison for 4 years during which he could not contact his wife.

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