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My great-great-great grandmother Eleanor Lough was born before July 1792 probably very near Sutton, West Virgina in what was then Pendleton County, Virginia to Mary Magdalene (Siehl) and George Lough. Earlier family historians who obtained most of what they learned of family history from what older members told them orally usually spelled these two family names, Seal and Lowe. She married William Casebolt in Harrison County, Virginia, now Braxton County, West Virginia on 25 December 1816. She died in or near Miami, Missouri on 24 July 1866. Like her husband she is buried there in Miami in the Old Methodist cemetery, which today is in such terrible shape that one may not be able to find it.

Eleanor signed Greenbrier River land sale papers with a mark in 1844, so apparently was illiterate. Her name was spelled variously by family members and county clerks alike: Elenor, Elender, Elinor and Ellen.

Throughout her adult life Eleanor kept very busy bearing and raising at least eight children, while running a farm household. For details, see their marriage page.

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