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My great-great-great grandmother, Ann Cornish is said to have been born in 1786 in Swimbridge, Devonshire to Elizabeth (Shaft) and Samuel Cornish.

She probably married before 1816, but I do not know where. For details on her marriage and children go to her marriage page..

Althouth she is said, in several family trees to have died in 1828, John's wife is listed as Ann in the 1841 English census. Some family trees list her last known child as born in 1842 -- so unless the Ann of the 1841 census is a second wife of John, Ann Cornish may actually died sometime between 1842 and 1861. So as of now (Oct. 2011) her death is on very shaky ground and cannot say that I do really know on what date or where she died, or where she is buried.

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