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My great great great grandfather, William Rabourn was born about 1795 in Kentucky as a son of Stacy (Fitzgerald) and David Rabourn. His family name was spelled a wide variety of ways. About 95% of the time the first syllable was spelled either Ra, Rae, Rai, Ray, Re, Rea, Re, Rey or Ry! Similarly the last syllable has been either born, bourn, bourne, bum, bun, bur, or burn.

The location of William's birth is in doubt. There are family trees and the like (one of which I built) which say the birth took place in Fleming County, Kentucky. However Fleming County was not created until 1798, too late for a 1785 birth. Fleming was taken from lands that had been Mason County. I have found no evidence of them in Mason County records.

Between the time of his birth and his marriage, William undoubtedly lived with his parents. But where were they? In the 1790 census there was a David Reburn family in Fayette County, Kentucky, although he was not there in the 1787 tax list. He might have been William's father. In those years Fayette included all of present-day Fayette and Jessamine Counties and roughly the western 60% of present-day Clark County -- all quite far to the west of Fleming County.

The family was present in Fleming County for the 16 August 1800 US census in August but evidently arrived too late to be on the 1800 Fleming tax lists. David first appears on the county tax lists in 1801. He continues in these annual lists until the available records end in 1809. And the family is there for the 1810 census.

The bond for William's Fleming County marriage was signed on 11 Feb 1817 and the ceremony probably was performed on 29 May 1817, despite the clerk's having (mistakenly?)listed it as 29 May 1819. Click here to get details of his marriage and children.

I have been unable to find William in either the 1830 or the 1840 census so I do not know where he spent those two to three decades. In 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 he is listed as a farmer living in Lewis Coounty.

According to cousin Jim Hamrick William died in 1883 in Fleming County, Kentucky.

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