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My great-great-great grandmother, Polly Turner was born 1 May 1792 to Ann (DeBell) and James Turner according to Nancy Drew's Turner-Wallingford Family Tree on A note added into the copy of her marriage bond on file in the Fleming County court house says she was the daughter of Elisha Turner. However, in several decades of searching I have found no indication of any Elisha in Fleming County or in any nearby county.

I believe either that the note regarding Elisha was in error written by someone who was unfamiliar with Polly's family, or that Elisha was a biblical name sometimes used for her father when in fact his Christian name was, James, a more common English name. I have found such naming arrangements several times among my mother's Casebolt relatives before and just after 1800.

She likely married in 29 May 1817 in Fleming County, Kentucky. For details regarding her marriage and children go to her marriage page..

I have not found her grave stone but census reports indicate that she died between 1860 and 1870 census, surely in Lewis County.

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