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When complete, the pages of this section will include me and all of my father's ancestors insofar as they are known to me.

This Section is my Kraus family tree in numerical form. Each person in a family tree has an Ahnentafel number and each ancestor included herein section will have one web page in this section. In the Ahnentafel system, I am #1, my father is #2, his father is #4, and his mother is #5. Each person's father is double the person's number and the mother is 1 more than the father's number. The name of each ancestral web page will be its Ahnentafel number.

In addition to a pages for each individual ancestor, one web page is planned for each ancestral couple. The "couple" pages will be numbered showing both ancestors' numbers, e.g. my dad and mom will be 2x3. Each couple's page will include information regarding their marriage as well as, insofar as my time and knowledge allows, basic data on all the known and suspected children of the couple.

For more detailed information regarding the Krauses listed in this site as well as regarding folks from the broader Kraus family, please go to my Kraus website.

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1. me

my parents: 2. dad, and 3. mom, 2x3. their marriage.

my grandparents: 4. John Henry Kraus, 5. Elizbeth Christine Beltz, and 4x5. their marriage.

my g grandparents: 8. David Kraus, 9. Maria Katharina Dahlinger, 10. Heinrich Jacob Beltz, 11. Cristina Schlegel.

gg grandparents: 16. Johann Peter Kraus, 17. Maria Dorothea Nagel, 18. Johann Adam Dahlinger, 19. Maria Sibilla mnu, 20. Georg Philipp Beltz, 21. Anna Margaretha Scheidt, 22. Johann Oswald Schlegel, 23. Katharina Zitterkopf

ggg grandparents: 32. Wilhelm Christoph Kraus, 33. Roth, 34. Johannes Nagel, 35. Louisa Deines, 36. Johann Gottfried Dahlinger, 37. Eva mnu, 40. Johann Christoph Beltz, 41. Maria Katharina Loos, 42. Johannes Scheidt, 44. Georg Philipp Schlegel, 45. Jeanetta Brotzmann, 46. Adam Zitterkopf, 47. Barbara Michel

4g grandparents: 64. Johann Burghardt Kraus, 65. Anna Margaretha Deines, 66. Laurentius Roth, 67. Wilhelmina Elisabetha Walter, 68. Sebastian Nagel, 69. Magdalena Heinrich, 70. Johannes Deines, 71. Katharina Maria Sorberger, 72. Christian Dahlinger, 73. Louisa Katharina Reich, 80. Johannes Beltz, 81. Maria Barbara Schmidt, 82. Peter Loos, 83. Anna Elisabetha Nazarenus, 84. Johann Heinrich Scheidt, 85. Susanna Hoffmann, 88. Johann Herman Schlegel, 89. Anna Margaretha Schmidt, 90. Konrad Brotzmann, 91. Anna Katharina Koch, 92. Johannes Zitterkopf, 93. Anna Regina Schneider, 94. Johann Georg Michel, 95. Maria Rosina Bauer

5g grandparents: 128. Hans Adam Kraus, 129. Anna Mathilda? mnu, 130. Johann Georg Dienes, 131. Barbara Elisabeth mnu, 132. Johann Wilhelm Roth, 133 Maria mnu, 134. Johann Georg Walter, 135. Anna Elisabeth mnu, 136. Jacob Nagel, 137. Katharina mnu, 138. Andreas Heinrich, 139. Anna Dorothea mnu, 140. Johann Georg Deines, 141. Barbara Elisabeth mnu, 142, Jacob Sorberger, 143. Anna mnu, 144. Johann Georg Dahlinger, 145. Maria Catharina Wachenhut, 146. Johann Reich, 160. Beltz, 161. Anna Christina mnu, 162. Anton Schmidt, 163. Maria Katharina mnu, 164. Peter Loos, 165. Katharina mnu, 166. Johann Georg Nazarenus, 167. Anna Elisabetha Klein, 168. Johann Heinrich Scheidt, 169. Anna Margaretha Hohnstein, 170. Valentin Hoffmann, 171. Anna Barbara Bosche, 176. Johann Conrad Schlegel, 177. Anna Elisabeth Wagner, 178. Peter Schmidt, 179. Anna Margaretha mnu, 180. Jacob Brotzmann, 181. Anna Elizabeta mnu, 182. Peter Koch, 183. Anna Katharina Eckart, 184. Johann Conrad Zitterkopf, 185. Katharina Charlotte Gemer, 186. Philipp Schneider, 187. Anna Barbara mnu, 188. Ludwig Georg Michel,189. Margaretha mnu, 190. Georg Friedrich Bauer, 191. Anna Ott

6g grandparents: 356. Kraus

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