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My great grandfather, Heinrich Jacob Beltz was born 19 May 1853 to Anna Margaretha (Scheidt) and Georg Philipp Beltz in a German village just east of the Volga river -- Kutter, Balzer Kanton, Saratov Province, Russia. In the States he was almost always known simply as Jacob Beltz. As far as is known, he was always a farmer, both in Russia and in Kansas.

I never knew him, but my grandmother, his daughter, told me he and a wonderful laugh and was known far and wide for his sense of humor and for the practical jokes he liked to play on one and all.

He married in 1873, then did his stint in the Russian army (according to Grandmother). He and his family left Kutter in 1892. After much delay (the trip was interuppted by a cholera outbreak along the way!), he finally got all (except a married daughter who stayed behind) his family to Marion County, Kansas in 1900. Grandmother told me that he was horribly seasick on the ship coming to the US.

In Marion County, Jacob first farmed as a tenant in the large Bartel properties, later became a tenant in the even larger Scully holdings. He probably later managed to buy some land of his own but for some unknown reason I have no record of that. Long before 1930 he did buy his own home and his children attended the nearby Geis one-room school.

Jacob died 16 June 1934 in Durham, Marion County at 81 years of age. He is buried in the Baptist Cemetery northwest of Durham.

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