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Great-great-great-great-great grandfather Kraus identified.

For years and years the identify of my 5g grandfather was a mystery. Finally, in 2013, we know he was Hans Adam (aka Adam and Johann Adam) Kraus, son of Caspar Christian and long-time school teacher in Weißenbach, Thüngen Barony.

Please note that things included within square brackets are my addition to the original record.

Hans Adam [chart 42.1] married Anna Margaretha Schneider [chart 42.1], daughter of Melchior Schneider, on 15 May 1736 in Eckartz, Thüngen Barony. A Weißenbach history records that he was first appointed to teach there in 1748. It 1754 his wife [a 2nd wife??] was called Mechtildis (a Bavarian spelling of Matilda) (Weißenbach Baptisms 1754 #20, p.37). Hans Adam, "the religion teacher in Weißenbach", died of a "hot fever" 5 April 1757 in Weißenbach at age 51 (Weißenbach Deaths 1757 #12, p.88). (Weißenbach Deaths 1757, #12, p.88), leaving his wife a widow.

Their son Johannes the elder [chart 119.1] was baptised 14 September 1737 in Eckartz. He married first Anna Christina Ritter [chart 9 February 1762 in Roβbach, Thüngen Barony (Zeitlofs Marriage Book, Roßbach marriages, 1762). In 1766 he paid exit taxes in Roßbach, Thüngen Barony. and so was cleared for immigration to Russia (Würzburg State Archive, as found by David F. Schmidt). On 8 August 1766, said to be a Lutheran farmer from Dienheim [bad rendering of Thüngen] he, his wife Anna [Christina who evidently died shortly after arrival], and his widowed mother Anna [Magdalena], arrived together at Kronstadt, the Russian port of entry through which many German colonists passed headed for the Volga] (Kuhlberg Lists #2994, p.202). By 22 June 1767, said to be a Lutheran farmer from Dienheim age 28, he, along with a second wife, Anna Sabina Schnarr [chart 119.1 and 122], age 21, had settled in Stahl-am-Karaman near the Volga, thereby becoming one of the original settler families of that colony (Pleve, Einwanderung ..., vol.4, p.202, family #43). Anna Sabina, her parents and siblings were on the same ship on which Johannes and his first wife had arrived in Russia (Kuhlberg Lists #3000, p.202). She died before 1795 in Stahl-am-Karaman. On 14 June 1795 he married Anna Margaretha Rein. She died sometime after July 1803 when their last known child was born. Johannes died in Stahl-am-Karaman in 1808.

Son Adam was baptised 30 January 1739 in Eckartz. His arrival in Russia was not noted in the Kulberg Lists which are known to have been incomplete. By 22 June 1767, listed as a Lutheran farmer age 25 from Dienheim, he and his brand new wife Margarette [Schneider] age 22, plus their 4-week-old daughter Katharina had settled in Stahl-am-Karaman; included in their household were 3 of Adam's brothers: Burkhard [my ancestor] age 21,Johann Caspar 16 and Johannes [the younger] age 13 [among the German settlers on the Volga, it was not uncommon to have siblings with the same given name](Pleve, Einwanderung ..., vol.4, p.200, family #37). Adasm's wife died sometime during 1778-1786 in Stahl-am-Karaman. Adam died there sometime before 1795.

Daughter Anna Katharina (cousin David Schmidt's ancestor) was baptised in Eckartz on 29 January 1741 [this record was found years ago by cousin David] On 29 Jan 1766 she married Johann Adam Schneider in Weiβenbach (). On 8 August 1766 (on the same ship as the other Kraus folk) [Johann] Adam and Anna [Katharina] with no child arrived at Kronstadt in Russia, he said to be a Lutheran farmer from Dienheim (Kulberg #2985 p.201). By 22 June 1766 they (he age 27 and she age 22) along with 4-week-old daughter Katharina, had settled as First Settlers' in Stahl-am-Karaman, household #36 (Pleve, Einwanderung..., vol.4, p.200, family #37). Both members of his couple died sometime after 1798 having had at least 3 children.

Daughter Katharina [chart 116.1] was baptised 30 January 1739 in Eckartz. She married Caspar Marquardt[chart 116.1] [probably of Burgsinn, Thüngen Barony] between 1766 and 1767 on the way from Oranienbaum to the Volga. He arrived at Kronstadt 22 July 1766 with his first wife Anna and their 5 children ages 1-16.5 on 22 July 1766. By 18 June 1767 when he and 3 of those children had settled in Dönhof near the Volga as first settlers he had already married Katharina as his second wife (Pleve, Einwanderung ..., vol.1, p.364, family #86). Later, the 3 younger Kraus brothers, who had first settled with brother Adam in Stahl-am-Karaman, also moved to Dönhof, and one of them married one of Kathraina's Marquardt step-daughters.

Son Johann Burghardt [chart 115.1 and 135.1] was born in 1746 in Eckarts. We have seen in the foregoing how he settled in Stahl-am-Karaman in his brother Adam's household, and then later moved on to Dönhof where his sister Katharina Marquardt was living. There he married Anna Margaretha Dienes [chart 135.1] about 1766. Soon thereafter he died, whereupon, in order to be with her new husband, his widow taking Burghard's only son [my ancestor] moved to Schilling. She died there sometime after 1798.

Son Conrad was born about July 1748 in Weißenbach where he died 26 September 1751.

Son Johann Kaspar [chart 35.1] evidently was born sometime during 1750-1751 In Weissenbach. We have seen above that he first settled in Stahl-am-Karaman in his brother Adam's household. In 1773-1774 in Dönhof he married Anna Margaretha Becker [35.1] who died in Dönhof sometime during 1795-1798. About 1803 also in Dönhof he married Katharina Elisabeth Jacoby [chart 35.2]. They both died in Dönhof, he in 1812 and she in 1857.

The son Johannes the younger [chart 12.1] was baptized in Weißenbach 13 September 1754, recorded as the son of Hans Adam and his wife, Mechtildis (a Bavarian form of Matilda); his godfather was Johannes Schneider of Ruppoden (Weißenbach Baptisms 1754 20, p.37). Note: we have some reason to believe that Hans Adam's first wife was a Schneider of Ruppoden. About 1776 he married Anna Elisabetha Marquardt [chart 12.l] who is said to have been born in Burgsinn, Thüngen Barony, and was a step-daughter of his sister Katharina. They had at least eleven children. They both died in Dönhof, he on 14 March 1829 and she on 25 June 1836.

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