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My great great grandfather Philipp Beltz was born in Kutter on 11 September 1817 to Maria Katharina (Loos) and Johann Christoph Beltz, according to Dr. Pleve's research as reported in the Beltz family chart which he created for my older, and now departed, cousin Esther (Beltz) Trekell back in the 1990s.

Sadly, I know almost nothing about him. Since he apparently lived all his life in Kutter, it is highly likely that he was a farmer. But I have no real evidence of his occupation, and I do not know when he died. Up to 1798 farming around Kutter is reported to have been extemely difficult and not very productive. However things evidently improved during the 19th century.

I have visited Kutter and found no grave markers at all.

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