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Based on Russian 1765 Stahl-am-Karaman First Settlers List, my 4g great grandfather, Burghardt Kraus, was born about 1746. It is highly likely that he was born to Hans Adam Kraus somewhere in the Thüngen Barony, now north-central Bavaria), most likely in Weißenbach. We are told that neither the original church records, nor any copies of same, for that year any longer exist. We will keep looking but it could be that we will never be able to prove either his birthyear, or his birth place, or his mother. But we will keep looking.

We know Burghardt (his name was spelled two or three different ways in Russian records; since we have not yet found him in Thüngen records, I have arbitrarily dubbed him "Burghardt". Because virtually all his brothers were "Johann Someting", my guess is that he was in fact "Johann Burghardt", commonly called Burghardt.)

Since he is not included in the 1775 Dönhof census, and since his only known child, Wilhelm Christoph, apparently was born about 1778, and since his widow had a child with her second husband born about 1779, I conclude 1) that he moved to Dönhof about 1776-1777 and 2) married his Dönhof wife, Anna Margaretha Dienes), about 1777. and 3) died in Dönhof about 1777-1778.

Burghardt evidently died about the time of his son Wilhelm's birth, most likely just before. The widowed mother then, probably early in 1779, married Joachim Schultz; their first known child evidently was born late that year. Of that union 3 children survived birth before Herr Schultz died about 1787. Twice widowed now, Wilhelm's mother married Andreas Helmuth of Schilling. At some point she moved there and raised her children there. With Helmuth she had two children who survived birth.

So far, I have found no evidence of either Wilhelm's occupation or his religion, but like the overwhelming majority in Schilling he was likely was a Lutheran farmer.

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