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My great grandmother Mary was born March 17 some time between 1846 and 1850 (sources disagree on the year) in Galka to Maria Sibilla and Johann Adam Dahlinger. About 1854 her parental family moved to nearby Rosenburg. At that time, Rosenburg was the parish church for Alexandertal, the small village to which her future husband's family moved at about the same time.

I do not know if there was any reason why I never seemed to learn anything about Mary from my elders.

In 1876 Mary, her husband and eldest children, immigrated to Marion County, Kansas. Later they moved, south a bit, to Reno County. She died there on 29 December 1916 and was buried 1 January 1917 just behind the little Arlington Mennonite church where she had worshiped during the last years of her life. Much later, when that church closed, her and her husband's graves and grave stone were moved to the Arlington city cemetery, where my parents and Kraus grandparents are now also buried -- so now all my US Kraus ancestors are there in the one cemetery.

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