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Hutchinson Photo

Downtown Hutchinson 1937

Hutchinson, 17 miles NE of Arlington, was and is the county seat of Reno County, Kansas. It was founded in 1871 (by an Indian agent in agreement with the Santa Fe Railroad) where the Santa Fe Railroad crosses the Arkansas River. It was incorporated in 1872. When I was in high school Hutch had about 35,000 people, now it is officially a bit above 40,000.

Hutchinson became famous for its salt mines (Carey Salt and Morton Salt), and for its huge grain elevators, more than one of which was owned by the Collingwood family. Faye Collingwood (then the Collingwood family head) was great friends with mom's eldest sister, my aunt Grace. So it came to be that after I had my tonsils out, I convalesed in the big Collingwood house on North Main -- cared for by Faye but mostly by her two teen-aged daughters. This was very heady stuff for a five-year old boy -- I thought I was in heaven!

Our extended family often went to Hutch for the services of the Reno County Court House.

Hutchinson had a municipal swimming pool and a pool in the YMCA when I was growing up. I took lots of swimming lessons in those two places. I signed up with the National Guard in Hutch while I was still in high school in Arlington.

My mother had attended Hutchinson Junior (now Community) College for a time. I also went there for my first two years of college while I lived at home and had a job running a professional photographer's dark room in Hutch during the academic year and got a job as a brakeman on the Rock Island Railroad during two summers.

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