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Reserved for 19th Century Map of Kansas

Kansas was organized as an official Territory of the United States in 1854. This was followed by a constant violent struggle between anti-slavery and pro-slavery folks, some from out of state. However by 1859 this struggle had pretty much ended, with the anti-slavery side in control. In 1861 it became the 34th State

During the Civil War violence flared again, battles were fought, neverthe- less some settlers kept arriving. Following the end of the War, the numbers of settlers began to clime rapidly -- this dispite the torrid summers, the artic winters, the unremitting wind, the unbelieveably tough prairie sod, plagues of insects, the rattlesnakes, and goodness knows what else!!

To offset all that, fertile land was cheap when not free. Land hungry farmers both from further east and from impoverished lands abroad could not resist. And, as we shall see, our ancestors were among them.

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